Journey to mastery of ML – The very beginning


Machine Learning (ML) is recently gaining momentum, expressing itself in many areas of our lives, trying to solve things that were not possible before. We are able to get more answers now, because over the years, we collected fairly huge amount of data as well as our computers, through continuous upgrades, gained lots of computation power, that can be utilized in the cloud to our benefits. All of this gives us an amazing foundation for Machine Learning, so let’s shortly┬ádemystify this term.

In essence,”Machine Learning means giving a computer the ability to write its own rules and learn about new things, on its own”. Sounds scary, but how can we literally achieve that? Where to start? Is it something for your or me or it’s rather meant for data scientist who understand complex math and statistics ?

Trying to answer those questions, I’ve decided to write my “Journey to mastery of ML” series. This is going to be a set of articles, from the perspective of avid learner, who wants to nurture Machine Learning topic.

By doing that I want to prove that if something truly interests you, you can learn it, no matter how complex the topic may sound at the beginning or how late you joined the game. Additionally I want to track my unique and personal Learning Path, so I can verify later on how long it took me to master this topic and whether I was persistent enough to get there.

As a side effect, for some of you, my dear readers, it can be also the source of an inspirational material, full of web links, blog posts, books and tutorials descriptions.

I invite you to discover the world of Machine Learning with me. Are you ready?

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