How to configure Push to Deploy with Envoyer


It’s hard to not stumble across Envoyer, once you become the member of Laravel community. It’s advertised as Zero Downtime PHP Deployments and is one of many commercial products from Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel framework.

I will walk you through the configuration of Push to Deploy. This means that whenever you push or merge your code into specified branch, Envoyer should detect it and automatically trigger deployment.

Keep in mind that Envoyer allows one project to be associated with exactly one branch from chosen repository.

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How to replace Vue.js with React in Laravel 5.4


As you probably experienced, Laravel 5.4 comes with Vue.js bundled and bootstrapped. For some developers it is equivalent of Laravel being coupled with Vue.js in some way. Hopefully it’s not the case. Laravel is completely agnostic when it come to JS frameworks and you are free to choose whichever you prefer.

Keep in mind though that Laravel’s community somehow fell in love with Vue.js, what is indirectly proven by following facts.

The good news is Laravel 5.5 will use frontend presets, allowing to remove not only Vue.js, but also Bootstrap with ease. Angular lovers must still use my method – unfortunately no preset for them on the horizon.

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