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Prodding TypeScript

This Series is dedicated to TypeScript newcomers. We want you to get the things done faster and remove any obstacles that may hinder your productivity in TypeScript.

After working for more than a year with TypeScript, we experienced numerous situations where we couldn't go at the full speed because of some peculiar rules or quirks of TypeScript.

We want to regularly share our experiences and challenges that we have been facing during our never-ending journey to the mastery of TypeScript.

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TypeScript Evolution

This Series is dedicated to all sorts of TypeScript developers, both seasonal and newcomers.

We will explore the latest additions to TypeScript language to broaden your existing techniques of tackling programming challenges in TypeScript.

We will focus on a particular feature that has been released in one of the major or minor versions of TypeScript. Next to that, we will provide some examples of how you might be using it in your codebase.

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